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Noted Information on our events and updates due to the coronavirus.

We at Open Range Events are saddened along with many people in this industry and the travel industry that 2020 has been postponed all together. We’re hoping 2021 will allow us to at least get in two events that we had previously planned for 2020. 

As you know our return to Deadwood for May 2020 was rescheduled and pushed further ahead to May 2021. We’ll know more around January/February of 2021, but we’re possibly thinking to push that date yet again to the future of Sept 30th-Oct. 3rd as the Coronavirus is beginning its second wave into an unforeseen future for event planners, speakers and ticket holders. 

We will keep you updated and we will be sending emails out to everyone who is signed up. If your not already signed up, join our emailing list. 

Our August dates for the Ghosts of Granville 2020 were also pushed forward to August 5-8 2021. Those dates are still set as planned thus far. 

We at Open Range Events want the best experience for our guests and speakers. It is extremely important to us that our guests, speakers and the folks at our locations stay safe and healthy during these uncertain times. 

Until then, thank you so much for your patronage, patience and understanding, and we’re all hoping this virus gets put behind all of us in the near future. I pray we can all join up again somewhere in time. 

Stay safe, stay happy, stay healthy. 

Chris and Wes Carpenter

Upcoming Open Range Events


Should our May 2021 The Return to Deadwood event get postponed due to the coronavirus, we will do an alternative date possibly for September 30th - October 3rd 2021.

“The Return to Deadwood”

May 27-30, 2021

Ghosts of Granville

Come join us for 3 amazing nights August 5- 8, 2021 in the beautiful Historic town of Granville Ohio.

Regulators! Saddle Up!

Lincoln County New Mexico 2022!

“See, you get three or four good pals. Well, then you’ve got yourself a tribe. And there ain’t nothing stronger than that.”
~ William H.Bonney

Keep watch for details!

The Haunted Express!

Durango to Silverton Colorado 2022!

Details coming soon!