About Open Range Events

Have you ever imagined what life was like in the old west?

Have you ever imagined sitting on the prairie or near the mountains in a canyon in or near a present day ghost town and visually absorbing  everything that surrounds you as you begin feeling all the energy from the past? Can you feel and see the people from a by gone era and see the history unfolding in your minds eye?

This is your opportunity to take a walk back in time to some of the most infamous, iconic and historical ghost towns of the western U.S. If you love history, travel, historical buildings, artifacts and everything old west, then this is the paranormal adventure you’ve been waiting for.

Join us for our 3 day events where you’ll enjoy hearing presentations from our speakers and special guests. You’ll be learning a few new  things you didn’t really know about at each ghost town location.

Enjoy guided tours of the town, museums and exhibits.

You’ll be investigating multiple locations on our investigation nights with lead investigators or on your own. What’s a real investigation if you don’t add in the local historic cemetery.

Wether this be your first investigation or if you are seasoned paranormal investigator, the old west doesn’t disappoint and all the locations are historically amazing.

Even if you are a skeptic, come witness and experience for yourself the beauty of these locations and view it a bit differently than what you would have imagined.

You’ll take home some amazing memory’s, kindle new friendships, and you’ll have a better appreciation for the old west along with great stories to tell your friends. Maybe your friends will come with you to our next event upon the open range.