Event Coordinators

Wes and Chris Carpenter

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to travel back in time? To take a step back, and see through the Veil of what once was? The days of the first pioneers who struggled their way through the open ranges with their wagons packed and family’s in tow to make it to the promised land of plentiful. The people who lived, who loved, who struggled upon hard times, those who had good fortune or those who had bad misfortune.

They struggled with the seasons, of change and they were the ones who were orphaned, or plagued with disease and waited for their turn to die. The ones who tried to help, but could not. The ones who cried while the funeral procession was led down the Main Street with black horses that pulled the death carriage of perhaps a loved one, surrounded by the towns people who weeped as they watched it go by so slow. The good deed doers and the bad doers who took their lives in ruthless gunfights or saloon brawls over petty things

The young women who were forced or chose on their own free will to give themselves up several times a day to any given miner or rustler just to make ends meet. They must have fallen in love at one time or another, only to be battered and abused until they decided life wasn’t worth living anymore. Some were killed, some died of a broken heart perhaps, and did the unthinkable. Those who made it through their older years were now broken down and old.

Life still went on and the town did grow, then huge fires swept through burning everything down to the ground. And so they buried there dead and began to build again.

What if you could step back in time? What will you see? What will you find? Will you hear children laughing and playing, or will you hear the murderous gunfighter shooting their next victim down in cold blood?

When you go lay down your weary head at bedtime……

Will you hear someone walking with boots on down the hallways on plank floors, or will you hear a whisper calling out your name when your sleeping? Will you hear a baby’s cry in the night that isn’t really there? Or When you open your eyes, will you see a full bodied apparition standing next to your bed, and think to yourself, you just saw who you thought was Seth Bullock? Will you wake up with sleep paralysis in a cold panicky sweat?

Will you be woken up to a bright green light illuminating your room and when you open your eyes, that light is gone?

Will your hear conversations of men talking right inside your room that aren’t there? Will you be woken to a woman singing and singing? Or a big dog barking?

This all happened to us in room 207 at the bullock hotel in just one night in April 2015.

Our Events are dedicated to the historical aspects of the time and place. You will be lead by one of our professional team or co team

Lead investigators who have been investigating for many years.  We are most importantly about bringing history back to life. Giving out the knowledge that most people don’t know, or have forgotten about, or never heard of before. These towns and the ghosts who haunt them, they have stories they want to have heard, mysteries that must be solved. And they just want the love and respect they never got while they were alive.

Our mission is to enlighten people with historical facts of a bygone era and educate you on how many interesting facts there are of the people who once lived and died in these iconic ghost towns that lye up in the Mountains or between the canyons and upon the Open Range. Lands that were/are still sacred ground by the American Indians.

As we learn about some of these people, we will have a better understanding inside of our minds on how we can go about trying to Sense them, feel their energy and try to communicate with them accordingly, and most of all, trying to help them by understanding what they are trying to relay and tell us. We are all here to try and help any spirit out there if they choose to communicate with us. We are here to understand what it is they are trying to tell us. We are not here to harm or scare any spirit and we never talk to them disrespectfully.

We may not have big talent names in our events, although we do have some rising stars, But we most definitely have huge historical iconic locations that are on any true investigators dream bucket list of locations.