Event Coordinators

Welcome to Open Range Events

Allow me to introduce Chris and Wes Carpenter.

Their love for travel and adventure has led them all around the United States searching out and investigating many haunted locations with paranormal activity scattered throughout the U.S.

Their weird travels also include searching for Bigfoot and looking up to the sky’s for ultra terrestrial life forms, and all kinds of cryptid  creatures.

When they aren’t on the road for their own adventures, they attend many paranormal conventions and special events across the U.S.

Chris lives her life very magickal  and vends her Crystals for many conventions and smaller paranormal functions across the U.S.

These two have been at it for 33 plus years together searching out the proof that there is more to life, even after we die.

Their all time favorite adventures are seeking out, exploring and investigating iconic and historical ghost towns.

History of the American West is Chris’ favorite subject and any ghost town is her favorite go to place for investigations.

Wes and Chris Carpenter

Their love of the old west has inspired them to create, organize and arrange these events so that like minded  people can experience these ghost towns the way they do. Most importantly, they want to bring back the stories that are beginning to get lost in time. Much of the younger generations have no idea of who Wyatt Earp was, or even Billy the kid.

They’ve added an entire 3 day weekend itinerary dedicated to allow their guests to experience not only private investigations, but also giving their guests an educational experience with the history that is attached to each town with guest speakers who are very knowledgeable about  the history of each place.

They have met so many people along the way that they now call friends and they want you to enjoy the fun, the adventure, and experience a once in a lifetime adventure to travel back in time and experience everything they thought they already knew.