Frequently Asked Questions

  1. The locations we will be investigating are very old and historical. Some do have original antiquity’s within their walls that are 100 plus years old. We ask that you respect all furnishings and the buildings we will be investigating with extreme care. 
  2. We do recommend bringing a smaller flashlight as our investigations will be done at night. Some locations may not have electric throughout the buildings. Extra battery’s are always wise. 
  3. You are more than welcome to bring along any investigative equipment you may have, but please refrain from extensive setup equipment, due to the fact that we will be rotating locations several times throughout the night. 
  4. You will then be divided up into several smaller groups and split up among the locations and rotate when time is up to continue onto the next location. 
  5. We ask you to be courteous, mindful and respectful to your fellow investigator and make sure you don’t contaminate their investigation. Let them know when your about to use a method of investigation. 
  6. You may investigate with a lead investigator or go off on your own if you choose to within and around the building that your group is in. 
  7. Please refrain from leaving your groups location to go onto the next location on your own. Be considerate that other groups are already occupying that location. Please stay in your groups and move together to the next location when it is time. 
  8. Please be mindful of the weather and be prepared for proper clothing attire as temps can vary during certain times of the year. Some locations do not have heat and it is better to be prepared for the unexpected if it gets to chilly. 
  9. Last but foremost, we want you to have an amazing time, and hope you have some incredible experiences for yourself while visiting some of the most historical, haunted, and iconic locations on the Open Ranges of America.