Ghosts of Granville

“Ghosts of Granville”

August 5-8, 2021

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The Buxton Inn

We have discounted room rate blocks for our August 5-8 2021 event. 

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Special Surprise Guests!

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Ool Pardi

Ool has resonated with Native American Culture since childhood. He has always felt a pull to immerse himself in the sounds and spirits of the tribes. Ool took a drumming class in 2014 from Spirit hawk of the Ojibwa Nation. Around the same time, he was given the name StrongHeart by Chief White Buffalo at a gathering in Alcona County MI. And so StrongHeart Drum Medicine emerged.

Ool has been on a Spiritual Journey for many years now and he facilitates drum Journey meditations, drum circles, and meditation retreats giving you an amazing sound journey. He also crafts unique original drums made from various hides and different types of wood. Ool can be found on Facebook under StrongHeart DrumMedicine.

Samantha Belvoir

Samantha Belvoir is a gifted Intuitive and Estes Method specialist. Samantha and her partner Mike, travel to historic haunted locations throughout the U.S. giving the spirits a voice and a way to share their past. After the demonstration of communication, they will be sharing their knowledge and experiences with the audience during the Q&A. 

You can find Samantha on her FB page Samantha Belvoir -Intuitive/Medium/Tarot/paranormal investigator

Ernie LaPointe

Ryan Wefelmeyer

Ryan is a seasoned paranormal investigator. He is a intuitive empath and a sensitive. He is an editor, photographer, and producer of his own work. He is credited for his research, Finding Phantoms, and Crescent Taro, His accomplishments are, his Award Winning Series, Hinsdale Archives found on Amazon Prime.

Ryan also has a series on YouTube called Travel Junkies. He also does a daily vlog on YouTube and has an Etsy Store. Ryan makes the best smelling candles.

Jason Calderwood

Jason is an author of his first book, Red Diamond Eyes. He plans to write more books in the future. He is a seasoned paranormal investigator, musician and business analyst. Jason has done some really amazing presentations and is very knowledgeable on videography, paranormal research and investigating.
Ernie LaPointe
Ernie LaPointe

Old Licking County Jail

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Ernie LaPointe

Bryn Du Mansion

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Ernie LaPointe

The Newark Earthworks

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Ernie LaPointe

Old Colony Cemetery

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